King Crabs And Types of King Crabs

King crabs

All the crabs are decapod. King crabs are the largest, also known as “Alaskan king crabs,” and are included in seafood. King crabs come from red crabs that’s lifespan is about 20 to 30 years. We cannot harvest them, but other types (blue and golden king crabs) can be harvested. Both these types are smaller in size than red king crabs.

King Crab Reproduction:

Male and female king crabs mate once a year and can produce almost 50,000 eggs. After mating, female sperms merge into eggs and fertilize. A Female carries eggs in her abdominal flap.

Larva hatched from eggs and looked like small shrimp. The larvae nourish on phytoplankton and zooplankton for 2 to 3 months until maturity.

King Crabs Diet:

Crabs are omnivores; some are carnivores and vegetarians. Red king crabs can eat everything available easily. Immature crabs eat worms and small animals. Mature crabs eat fish, sea stars, sand dollars, and crustaceans.

Types Of King Crabs?

There are three main types of king crabs.

Red king crabs:

The largest male king crabs can grow about 24 Ibs and have a lifetime of up to five feet. Red king crabs are not red until they are cooked. They look a reddish brown color. Red crabs are found in the water of Bristol Bay.

Because of their delicious taste, red king crabs are highly demanded worldwide. Their meat looks snow-white and has brown highlights.

Golden king crabs:

Of the three types of crabs, Golden king crabs are smaller than the other two. Their weight is almost 5-8Ib, but they are used as seafood. They have a minimum amount of meat inside their shells. Golden crabs are present abundantly in Alaska.

They are available fresher than the other two crabs. 

Blue king crabs:

Blue king crabs are very delicious and weigh about 18Ibs. They live in the Bering Sea and are also found in bottomless water. They look like red king crabs in shape and taste. There is a small difference in their flavor. That is why they are known as red crabs in the United state. 

Blue crabs have giant claws and a sweet meat taste. When blue crabs are cooked, their color changes into orange and red.

Scarlet king crab:

The scarlet king crab is the smallest. A very small population of scarlet king crabs is present in the world. Because of this, Scarlet crabs are not hunted mostly.

Biggest Alaskan king crab

Biggest Alaskan king crab:

The red king crab is also called the Alaskan king crab and is considered the largest king crab. This comes to mind when we like to eat something and harvest this crab where they lived. Their population has decreased because of its overuse, global warming, and other predators. 

Surely Red king crabs are the world’s largest, with 6 Ibs and seven inches. These crabs can reach up to 28 Ibs weight.

In the report of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric administration, the largest male king crab has a size of about 24 Ibs and a female of about 10.5 Ibs. Other resources are also present who claim to have a 28 kg king crab, which is surely possible.

Do you know that there is a crab with a weight between 24-28, equal to a two year older baby?

How to cook Alaskan king crab legs?

Cooking king crab is not tough and can be prepared in only a few minutes. King crab’s taste depends upon the method of cooking. You should add three drops of butter in hot sauce to get a delicious taste and heat them for 5 to 10 minutes.

These are simple methods of cooking king crab legs.

Cooking frozen king crab legs:

Although Frozen crabs mean they are cooked but need to heat themselves. When you cook frozen crabs, you should put them in a colander and steamer on boiling water for heat.

Steamed king crab legs:

In fact this is the best method of cooking king crab legs. Boil two cups of water until boiling. Add one tablespoon of table salt and put crab legs in boiling water. Put a lid on it and leave it for ten minutes until it reaches the desired temperature.

When you feel a cooked odor, now they are ready to eat.

Boiled king crab legs:

Preparing king crab legs by boiling is a simple and easy process. For this purpose, half-fill a pan with cold water and put it on a flame. One tablespoon of salt should be added and when bubbles appear, Add crab legs on medium flame. Leave it for almost six minutes. After that, separate the crab legs from the water and start eating.

How to eat king crab legs?

The best method of eating king crab legs is,

  • Hold a leg in one hand and use a crack tool with the help of your other hand. 
  • Crack the legs from the joint and cut the leg with the help of a scissor.
  • Add lemon water and other flavors to enhance its taste.
  • All meat inside crab can be eaten, but legs are preferred because of their delicious taste.

Surprising Benefits of Alaskan king crabs:

Surprising Benefits of Alaskan king crabs

Crabs are included in healthy food. These crabs have many qualities to maintain physical health.

Low in fat, high in protein:

Crabs are beneficial for health and contain low calories. It contains low fats and high amounts of protein. After eating king crabs, you can meet your one-day protein requirements. Protein is essential for muscles and keeps them stronger. To get proper body fitness, you must eat king crabs.

Contain omega three fatty acids:

Like other seafood, King crabs have omega-3 fatty acids, which are helpful for your health. Besides other benefits, Eating king crabs helps in reducing inflammation in the body and minimizing cardiovascular issues.

Contain phosphorus:

Eating king crab may help clean your body. Phosphorus is best for your kidney and liver, which helps to clean your body of toxins. Alaskan king crabs are super delicious and best for health.


In fact King crabs are considered the largest species; all are edible and hunted greatly. As they live in warm, fresh, and cold water; in this way, they are unparalleled in taste. Red king crabs are delicious, easy to cook, have soft shells, and are easy to eat. Crabs have necessary elements which keep your physical and mental health better. The average lifespan of king crabs is 20 to 30 years, and other crabs, like Japanese crabs, have a lifetime of about ten years. All crabs have different and special qualities.

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