How Many Legs Do Crabs Have?

You want to know How Many Legs Do Crabs Have? I believe you must be aware of the decane in chemistry. The meaning of deca is ten . So here we are talking about the legs of crabs and the interesting thing is that crabs belong to decapods. It means crabs have ten legs.

Prawns, shrimps and lobsters also belong to the same group. Crabs have an exoskeleton around their bodies that serves as a protective covering. For catching, chopping and crushing their prey they have two claws. These claws can also be used for communication and fighting.

There are more than 4500 types of species known by zologest and almost 62 crab species are found in British waters.

Ten Footed Critters:

As we have discussed earlier Crab and a few other species are also called decapoda. It means all the decapoda species are ten footed. 

A crab and its relatives belong to the order Decapoda, which has the literal translation “ten-footed.” A crab is an infraorder of the Brachyura, while a king crab, squat lobster, and hermit crab are infraorders of the Anomura. As members of the genus Anomura, king crabs display a primitive, elongated body form, but they fold their tails underneath their bodies, which gives them the appearance of full-grown crabs. Hermit crabs are nicknamed hermit crabs because of their long tails, but they usually keep them hidden inside mollusk shells. Horseshoe crabs and spiders have a similar name, but horseshoe crabs are actually more closely related to spiders.

How many legs do crabs have?

Crabs are members of the Decapoda order, which means that they have ten feet and thick shells.

Only a few subcategories of crabs have fewer than 10 legs. These eight-legged crabs, which belong to the phylum Chelicerata, are closely associated with spiders. Crabs have many similarities to lobsters and crayfish. Having 10 legs, crabs differ from centipedes of the Chilopoda class, spiders from the Araneae order, millipedes from the Diplopoda class, ticks from the Acarina order, and scorpions from the Dromopoda subclass.

In decapods, symmetry is bilateral, with 5 legs on each side. In addition to walking, they use some of their legs for self-defense and to acquire food as they swim. The front pair, however, is made up of strong gripping claws and is the last four pairs used for walking. Despite being able to creep forward very slowly, crabs prefer to move sideways for the reason that animals with pincers can move faster when they move sideways.

What do crab legs look like?

There are three parts to a crab’s body: a head, a thorax, and an abdomen.

A carapace joins the head and thorax together. Usually composed of mineralized chitin, crabs have a thick exoskeleton covering their bodies. They also have two claws called chelae on each hand. On their front legs, they have claws called chelae. These claws function like pincers.

Technically, pincers are two-part tools. Both parts are used for grasping and gripping objects. In addition to fighting and hunting, crabs use their pincers to tear flesh. Getting injured by pincers can be painful.

Hermit crab legs are often customized for different purposes. These species have developed pincers on their long front legs, called chelipeds technically.

How do they move? How Many Legs Do Crabs Have?

The crab has ten pairs of legs, of which the two front legs are usually claws.  The back legs of swimming crabs, such as the flying crab, are flattened so that they can act as paddles while  swimming.  A few kinds of crabs only walk sideways, but not all of them. One type of crab which walks forwards and backwards in British waters is the common spider crab.

What Are Variations on Crab Legs?

There are many types of crabs, and their legs have evolved for a variety of purposes. In fact, king crabs fold their legs under themselves while walking and use their legs for transferring sperm. The fiddler crab has two claws at the end of its legs. One is used to gather food, while the other is used for fighting or courting. Japanese spider crabs have the longest legs. These crabs are not spiders. If their legs are extended, they can reach a length of 12 feet. 

Amazing Facts

Crabs live in groups called casts.

Crabs have blue blood because copper is present in it. You can eat the delicious crabs as well.

In order to detect chemicals, touching and movement, crabs are covered with small hairs known as setae.

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