Black Spots On Crabs’ Legs

Black Spots On Crabs’ Legs is the thing that everybody should know. Like other aquatic creatures, crabs also have black spotted parasites on some parts of their body. Some of them are toxic to human health, and some are harmless. 

Black spots on crab legs

The black spots on the crab’s legs are eggs of aquatic leeches. They usually die. They are kept in snow and refrigerated and cooked. These tiny spots are not dangerous for human beings.

If you notice black spots on the crab’s legs, it’s all good. Are you wondering about that? Can they be safe to eat for you? Let’s know in this article. 

What are crab legs?

There are a lot of crab species in the world. Their body is covered with a hard shell. Crabs have many pairs of legs and also have powerful claws and pincers. 

Crab leg meat is a very delicious and famous dish worldwide. You can buy frozen crab legs and reheat them again at home. But ensure that crab leg meat is fully cooked and safe to eat. 

Crab legs with black spots:

It is not common to buy crab legs with black spots. A lot of people don’t know that black spots are common. 

These black spots are those eggs laid by sea creatures known as marine leeches. They lay eggs on the hard shell of the crabs. These eggs are seen as black clusters and dots. They lay eggs on the crabs because they consider it a safe place. Laying eggs on the crabs provides a great chance of survival. 

The crabs move towards the earth and on the seafloor, allowing marine leeches to extend over an extensive area.

How to tell if spots on crabs' legs are parasite eggs?

How to tell if spots on crabs’ legs are parasite eggs?

After cooking, crab legs look reddish-brown, and raw crab legs seem brown and green, and they must be cooked before eating. 

You can easily see the parasite eggs on the crabs’ legs. If you catch a crab with black spotted legs, You will also see a small worm underneath, which is the larva of the aquatic leech. This will die when you cook crab. 

Are crab legs with black spots safe to eat?

The black spots on the crab’s legs show that the crab moulted long ago. This shows that the crab meat will be full of meat. It would be safe to eat if it is cooked correctly. If you feel an unpleasant taste, you should avoid eating them. When you freeze the spotted legs, most parasites perish and remain killed during cooking. 

Do Crab Legs have Parasites?

Crab legs may hold parasites, but black spots on them are innocuous. These are just outcomes and responses due to effect or shell damage. It is safe to eat if cooked appropriately, even if it is a parasite.

Can you remove the parasites from crabs’ legs?

Yes, you can remove the black dots from the crab’s legs. But the tiny worm under the skin may be tough to remove. Even if you scrape it, this will leave marks on the crabs’ legs.

Sometimes. Crabs have many black spots that are difficult to remove by hand. This shows that removing the black spots from the crabs’ legs is not easy. So you can cook and consume them without risking your health. But be sure that the parasites are present only on the outer shell and not present inside. 

How do you clean crab legs

How do you clean crab legs?

If you want to remove toxins from crab legs, there is an easy way to clean them. 

  • Dip the legs into salt water. This way of cleaning will clean all the dirt and sand and the legs of bacteria. 
  • Leave the crab legs in salt water for 30 minutes, then dip them in freshwater. 

You can also add vinegar to clean parasite legs. 

  • Add one part of the vinegar to three parts of water. 
  • Dip the crab legs in the water for 15 minutes. Then take it out of the water and use it.


Often you will see black spots on your crabs’ legs. Don’t worry about it because these spotted legs are harmless. You can eat them without any fear. 

The black-spotted legs may prevent you from eating them but take it easy and consume them until they are thoroughly cooked. The fantastic thing is that the black spotted legs show they have a high quantity of meat.

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